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    High volumes

    Job ads on SimplyJob recieve high volumes of actively jobseeking candidates.

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    Target your audience

    Post your jobs on our platform and target your audience with our AI-based matching.

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    Save time and money

    Easily contact your applicants directly through chat, call or e-mail.



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    Qualified candidates

    Always expose your job ads to candidates who meet your criteria. You can target your job ads on age, education, industry and geography.

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    Complete overview

    In our HR system you can easily read and handle applications and change status to get an overview of how far each candidate is in the recruitment process.

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    Integration with ATS

    It is also possible to receive your applications in your own recruitment system such as SuccesFactor, HR Manager or others.

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    GDPR Compliant

    At SimplyJob we care about privacy. Our platform is built for safety, making it 100% GDPR compliant.




With 175.000+ users in Denmark, 25.000.000+ swipes and 5.000+ job ads, we collect massive amounts of data every day.



Through AI we analyze the data, find trends and make perfect matches between candidates and companies, saving you time and money on recruitment.



This makes SimplyJob a unique recruitment platform for your business, that increases your efficiency in the hunt for the right candidates.


We are trusted by some of the biggest brands in Denmark, including:


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+700 other companies


Your price will be tailored to your needs. In that way we’ll make sure that you get the right price.

Both small and big companies use SimplyJob. And we are 100 % sure we got the right solution for you as well.

We look forward to talking to you about your possibilities at SimplyJob.



  • Where is my job posted?

    When creating a job advertisement with SimplyJob, the ad is posted in our app and exposed to relevant candidates out of our total of 175,000+ job seekers.

  • Where do I receive the applications?

    You receive the candidates' video applications and normal applications in your web-based company logo on the computer.

  • How do I create a job advertisement?

    You can easily create a job advertisement by either sending an inquiry to support@simplyjob.dk or calling our dedicated support team at 25 94 39 96. Then our staff will contact you and get the ad for you within minutes.

  • Can I use my own ATS system?

    Yes. It is possible to receive the applications in your own recruitment system such as SuccesFactor, HR Manager, Elvium, HR Cloud or others.

  • I haven't made a job description yet or have any graphics - can you help?

    Yes. Our advertising specialists have written over 2,500 ads in 2018, and we are always ready to help you set up an ad, of course 100% free.

  • Is there a maximum for how many candidates I can receive?

    No. As long as you have job listings live at SimplyJob, there is no limit to the number of applications.

  • How long does it take to get my job up?

    When you are in contact with our advertising specialists, you can count on a dialogue in 5 minutes, and then your ad is active at SimplyJob after the company has approved the agreement.

  • How long does it take before I receive an application?

    Most of our customers have their first application already within an hour.

  • Can I do something to get more applications?

    Based on our data, we can see that more job ads give more exposure, which gives more applications. If you have our premium solution, you can continuously increase the number of ads in the app. And in times of need for large volume, run several ads that will provide more unique applications.

  • Is there any binding or termination on my agreement with you?

    There is no binding on our agreement. Termination may vary depending on the agreement you have. Write to support@simplyjob.dk if you have any doubts about your termination.

  • Can my colleagues also gain access to the business login?

    Yes. All employees from your company can access your company login. If you want to add more people to your login, click on your name in the top right corner in the company login and the "add user".

  • Can I edit in my job ad setup and filters?

    You can always edit and update your job ads at SimplyJob. Call our dedicated support team at 25 94 39 96 or send your inquiry to support@simplyjob.dk, and we will help you edit / update as soon as possible.


Our dedicated support team is ready to answer your questions right away, so please let us know!